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Is the tide turning on GM?

Date Published: 22/10/2008

There’s no doubt that the US consumer has been held up as the leading adopter of GM products. We’re told by our own leaders in Europe that it’s widely accepted in the States and we are simply acting like Luddites if we oppose its spread ‘over here’.

Well, a study released by the Soil Association charity is suggesting otherwise – that the US consumer has simply had little choice but to accept GMOs in their food because of the success of the biochem lobby to avoid any requirements to add information to packaging.

Surveys apparently tell a different story about shoppers’ perceptions and preferences, as does the formation of organisations pledging to keep GM at bay. has done a helpful round-up of the Soil Association briefing, but you can download the whole thing for yourself from the SA website.

It has never been OF&Gs’ aim to bash non-organic farmers – only to back those who opt to see things our way! But we’ve always drawn the line at GM and in this we’re in agreement with SA. Both OF&G and Soil Association Certification opted to stick with a ban on GM at the lowest detectable level (0.1%) even when the EU decided that food with up to 0.9% GM contamination could be sold as organic.

Let’s hope the tide is turning against this unnecessary technology. The report is well worth a read.