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Is it organic? Let’s test it…

Date Published: 26/04/2007

Scientists believe they’ve come up with a way of testing whether food is really organic.

This would sound promising if it was a sure fire way of checking, but of course it isn’t – yet. The test is based identifying a “nitrogen signature” that might be left behind by non-organic farming methods.

As with all science, there are a lot of variables so the test is currently far from determinate. But the scientists at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) and the University of East Anglia are hopeful that they can refine it to the point where it might be useful.

In the meantime consumers can still place their trust in the OF&Gs of this world for a rigorous inspection and approval process. We think it’ll be a long time before that’s bettered…

Here’s The Telegraph’s take on the story.