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Certificate of Compliance

Date Published: 18/02/2016

Once all the above stages have been completed, your business will be registered as a Licensee and a Certificate of Compliance will be issued along with a Schedule to the Certificate. The Certificate can be displayed to demonstrate to customers that your business is registered as organic or in-conversion (Farming). Businesses are often asked for a copy of the current Certificate to confirm that they are certified to produce the organic products being supplied, a copy can be kept on file. The Schedule for farms specifies the products produced and the fields that are under organic management, with their field numbers and areas, and whether organic, in-conversion or remaining under non-organic management, and the date the conversion began. Once your business has become registered as an OF&G Licensee, Defra will be notified that the process has been completed and the business will be entered onto the National Register. bioC will also list all organic businesses/certified operators within the UK.