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HOW many miles, James?

Date Published: 19/05/2011

“You’re doing what?” probably sums up some of the reactions here at OF&G when the newest addition to our producer certification team announced he was going to ride the length of the UK.

Organic Farmers & Growers certification officer, James Britton
James. He doesn't *look* bonkers, but...

It’s a fairly bonkers thing to want to take on but, from tomorrow, our James Britton will be doing just that. He and his group of similarly misguided brave and adventurous friends will be setting off from John O’Groats on their pushbikes and aiming to make it to Lands End, raising money for two very good causes in the process.

The seven of them are hoping to cover the 879 miles in ten days and have arranged all of their own support and resources to do it.

It’s not even as if James is lifelong distance cyclist; he’s actually a competitive rugby player, with the build to accompany it, so the bike saddle isn’t necessarily his natural habitat, which makes the commitment to this challenge all the more impressive.

Obviously we’ll be wanting to keep tabs on his progress and spur him on with well-aimed jibes about sore body parts, so we’ve given him some training in mobile technology and ordered him to try and use it, so that we can follow his progress with words and pictures. Time will tell on that one, but keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page if you’d like to keep up as well.

Oh and if you’re feeling generous, you can find out about the charities they’re supporting and add your own donation here. We know James and his friends would very much appreciate it.