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Heat building again in GM debate

Date Published: 12/02/2009

You can feel it coming – the next push from the pro-GM side to win over consumers. The noise is building from the proponents who seem to be coming in behind the smokescreen of recession to talk doom and gloom about not being able to feed ourselves without GM crops. Which is patently nonsense.

There are assurances from people with the title ‘Dr’ and ‘Professor’ who keep appearing on Radio Four and the like saying that people have been misled on GM by its opponents. But what nobody seems able to do is point to good, hard, independent science that says we should not be in the least bit worried by man doing to nature what nature itself would never do.

Instead, if you look around, you come across findings which point to concerns. These only pop up from experts who have often had to battle the system to even begin to pursue their research – and it seems they often suffer personal attacks for having done so. Without getting carried away with conspiracy theories, it’s very hard to see a logic to GM crops which goes beyond profit for the few.

Which is why this piece from Steve Dube at newspaper-backed is so interesting. Not the blog entry itself so much (it’s a follow-up to an older story) but the comments that follow in which Steve trades debate with some obviously passionate people. And the interviews and official comment he reproduces are both telling and fascinating.

We recommend you read the piece and all the comments. Give yourself ten minutes or bookmark it for later. It’s worth it.