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Good move, Wales!

Date Published: 10/04/2008

It’s very heartening to see the Welsh Assembly taking a strong stand on GM as it moves towards adopting a ‘polluter pays’ principle.

At OF&G we’ve been calling for this all along. It makes perfect sense that if you introduce GM to the countryside and end up contaminating crops of your neighbours (or even further afield) you should bear the costs.

For some reason Westminster seems dead against this and determined to make it as easy as possible for GM companies to pollute our countryside.

If an organic farmer gets GM contamination in their fields, their crop can no longer be called organic, meaning the loss of any premium and no return on the extra costs and efforts they have incurred. How can it be right that the person or company causing this should not be held responsible?

If the Welsh Assembly Government puts the onus on the ‘polluter’ it is effectively banning GM from being grown within its borders – that’s a brave and principled move which we support wholeheartedly.