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Date Published: 14/08/2008

We don’t tend to think of ourselves as a particularly reactionary bunch at OF&G. In fact, you’ll hear the phrase ‘business-focussed’ and the word ‘practical’ uttered more than once in the course of many conversations with some of our people!

But one thing that does get us exercised is genetic modification because we can’t see a single positive side to it, other than profits for the biotech companies which have invested heavily in the science. Given the business model and the best available research to-date, it really is impossible to see any other realistic winners from the spread of this technology (and from the organic side of farming we can see an awful LOT of losers!).

That’s why Prince Charles’s no doubt carefully considered but controversial outburst (Guardian analysis, BBC video) on the matter earlier this week should be applauded. He has to know that it will bring condemnation from many quarters, not just business and political but also constitutional, yet he felt strongly enough to say his piece anyway. All credit to anyone in a position of influence or with a loud public voice who can keep this debate alive before it’s too late.