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Get your energy the organic way

Date Published: 18/02/2009

New Science in Sport Organic Go Electrolyte Berry BurstThe sporty among us (when I say ‘us’, I probably mean ‘you’) now have a new organic option to keep those crucial energy levels up when doing serious exercise.

Our processor team has approved certification for a new range of energy drinks from leading manufacturer Science in Sport. These are serious people who provide energy drinks to many of the world’s elite athletes, including Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre, not to mention many of the Olympic gold medal-winning Great Britain team.

This is a first for OF&G, having never been asked to certify a product of this type before.

The new line of drinks seems to be garnering interest in the sporting media and we wish Science in Sport every success with them!

Now available are Organic Go Electrolyte Berry Burst and Organic PSP22 Fruit Punch.