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Get compost satisfaction

Date Published: 06/05/2009

Seriously, there are probably few things you can do today to instantly lessen your impact on the planet, while actively improving the environment, than begin composting.

Also, unlike many things, this is true whether you are a recycling firm, a company of any kind, or a private individual. The tools are out there for anyone to start breaking down a huge portion of their waste into a useful, sustainable by-product without much effort at all.

We’re big fans of composting here (not just because we certify it in its approved form) but because it sits so well with the organic ethos.

It’s also incredibly satisfying knowing that you’re saving a significant amount of landfill every year and getting free compost in return. And it’s not a dirty, smelly affair, as you might think.

This week is Compost Awareness Week. If you’re still not aware of how you could be getting involved, take a look at the info on that site, but take it from us, it’s more fun than it sounds and you can actually get quite obsessive over how your compost is coming along. Though it’s no spectator sport!