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Gardening club: an update

Date Published: 19/03/2009

Ready for green thingsWe had one of our regular staff meetings yesterday. Some of it is about important stuff. Some of it is useful information and a chance to give and get feedback. But by far the most entertaining part (for us non-greenfingered types) is the agenda item on ‘Gardening Club’.

The big ‘Gardening Club’ news this month is that they have got their hands on planters/troughs(/whatever) to go around the outside of the office! One has even been built (as you can see from the picture).

Obviously no actual planting has been done yet, but we’re all looking forward to the impending blooms and those of us who don’t actually dig may even egg them on to something more ambitious next year.

How about a veg patch folks?!?!

Please note: It has yet to be ascertained whether compost from an OF&G certified PAS 100/Quality Compost Protocol operator will be used in this endevour…