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Franken-maybe – or maybe not

Date Published: 18/12/2007

So widespread is the use of genetically modified soya and corn in the US, it’s becoming nigh-on impossible to avoid the stuff unless you buy organic (and it’s getting harder for the organic food producers to find non-GM supplies).

Given this wholesale adoption of GM over the pond, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that a couple of US Senators have managed to put the brakes on the latest emerging abhorrence ‘Frankenmeat’ – or the use of cloned animals for food.

The situation seems to be summed up nicely in this report from

Senate Says No to Frankenmeat (and Frankenmilk)

It may only be a delay for now, but if nothing else it should open up the debate, rather than have GM meat sneaking in through the back door.

I feel another heated debate (and costly lobbying on all sides) coming on…