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Food from GM-fed animals should be labelled, say shoppers

Date Published: 21/09/2006

A massive 87% of people surveyed said that food from animals given GM feed should be labelled as such in supermarkets, according to Friends of the Earth.

The results came out of a survey carried out by the environmental campaign group and revealed that the majority of consumers did not realise that many products sold in supermarkets came from animals fed on GM feeds.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) said that most consumers thought that the food in our supermarkets was free of genetically modified organisms.

Because there is no legal requirement to label food, such as meat, milk and cheese, that comes from GM-fed animals, retailers are not forced to share this information.

While some lines in some supermarkets were specifically non-GM fed, the distinction is almost impossible for the shopper to make based on the labelling.

FoE is calling on the supermarkets – the main buyers of fresh produce – to phase out the use of GM feeds among their suppliers and to provide more information to their customers on the issue.

Organic Farmers & Growers backs this stance, believing that consumers want to know when products contain GM elements, giving them the chance to avoid them.