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Farmers Weekly making us blush

Date Published: 22/06/2011

Here's what Farmers Weekly had to say about this blog <*blush*>

It’s always nice to be praised when you least expect it!

When we read with interest the Farmers Weekly social media special in the current issue of the magazine, little did we expect to turn to page 89 and find this humble little blog listed as the ‘Best for… organic’.

We’re honestly flattered that the FW team should consider us worthy of the accolade. Does that mean we have to take things more seriously now? Probably not 😉

It’s brilliant to see Farmers Weekly making such a great effort to ensure the eyes of its readership are open to social media in all of its guises. One of the things the farming fraternity has long been less good at is communicating, not just with each other, but the wider community.

Social media makes the individual or the organisation a publisher. It gives a direct route to talk to your own audience and to engage in conversations that are not just about the latest wheat prices.

Both Farmers Weekly and OF&G came early to these channels; certainly as far as the agricultural community was concerned. We imagine the FW team would agree we’ve been able to watch farmers and other food producers spread their wings online, connecting with each other and with much wider audiences on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere since those early days.

What could be better than using a smartphone to take a picture of your marvellous produce or stunning landscape and being able to instantly share it with the world? Think what that does for your brand and for the understanding of people who don’t normally see what you see and take for-granted everyday.

We’re pretty evangelical about social media for food and farming and Farmers Weekly quite clearly knows the opportunities it holds for its readership (the magazine has been at the forefront of electronic publishing, video production and building online communities since very early on).

If you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about, we strongly recommend you go back to this week’s copy (June 17) and read pages 86-90 if you skipped them the first time – then go and sign-up for a Twitter account!

And finally, thank you Farmers Weekly. That was very nice of you.