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Farmers struggling on in the cold

Date Published: 23/12/2010

When people are panicking about whether they can get their shopping done in time for Christmas and whether that supermarket delivery van will actually get up their icy street, they probably don’t spare much thought for the struggles farmers are going through.

Andrew Bebb on the BBC
Andrew Bebb on the BBC

With that in mind it was very good to see vociferous farming campaigner and OF&G licensee, Andrew Bebb, who farms just outside Shrewsbury, on the BBC Midlands Today TV news programme last night.

In a really informative piece, Andrew described the struggles of keeping water supplies defrosted, the lanes, tracks and farm yards clear and the myriad other, already difficult, tasks made harder by the harshest winter for decades.

It’s well worth a look on the BBC iPlayer, which you’ll find here as long as it’s available.

Importantly, Andrew also paid tribute to the tanker drivers who have made¬†Herculean¬†efforts to continue getting through in order to make their collections. Without them Andrew’s own hard work would be for nothing.

So if you’re a non-farmer reading this, take a second to appreciate the effort that has gone into getting that milk into your carton, the vegetables for your Christmas dinner into the shops and box schemes and the big push that’s going on to get turkeys to people despite the ice and snow. Trust us, you’d soon notice if they didn’t make it through… And when you sit down to your Christmas dinner, on a relaxing, family day, spare a thought for the farmers who will have been out that very morning in the cold and dark, doing what they do every day for the good of both their animals and their customers.

Merry Christmas to them and to you!