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How are the Organic Standards set?

The following list shows the control bodies that have been approved by Defra, as well as those who are no longer certifying. Each is allocated a number to identify it as the certifier on produce and packaging. The wording associated with this identifier is ‘GB-ORG-XX’:

  • GB-ORG-02 – Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd (OF&G)
  • GB-ORG-04 – Organic Food Federation (OFF)
  • GB-ORG-05 – Soil Association Certification Ltd (SA Cert)
  • GB-ORG-06 – Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA)
  • GB-ORG-07 – Irish Organic Farmers & Growers (IOFGA)
  • GB-ORG-09 – The Organic Trust Ltd (OT)
  • GB-ORG-13 – Quality Welsh Foods Certification Ltd (QWFC)
  • GB-ORG-17 – OF&G (Scotland) (SOPA)

The following is a list of bodies no longer certifying and their, now redundant, operator numbers:

  • Organic Certification UK1 – No longer certifying – formerly UKROFS
  • Organic Certification UK8 – No longer certifying – Food Certification (Scotland) Ltd
  • Organic Certification UK10 – No longer certifying – Checkmate International (Cmi) (Processor Certification only)
  • Organic Certification UK11 – No longer certifying – Farm Verified Organic (FVO)
  • Organic Certification UK12 – No longer certifying – Organic Certification Ltd (OCL)
  • GB-ORG-14 – Not allocated
  • GB-ORG-15 – Asisco Ltd (Soil Association Certification Defra programme)