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EU organic logo now official

Date Published: 31/03/2010

The new compulsory European organic logo has today been released for use on new products.

The new EU organic logo
The new EU organic logo

The logo was chosen from competition entries submitted by design students from across the EU.

The winner was announced early this year but pressure has been growing for details on the final implementation with food manufacturers and retailers needing to plan labelling for new products.

There is a transition period until July 2012 for existing products, but new lines must display the EU ‘leaf’ logo from July this year.*

Official versions of the graphic became available for download from the EU website today, and the logo itself can now be legally used on new lines and products that are going through labelling changes.

Organic licensees should note, however, that as per the normal rules, all labelling must be approved by their organic control body before printing.

The logo itself is now available in a variety of graphics file formats from the EU website, along with the official implementation guidelines, which spell out spacing, positioning and other requirements. This information can be found at:

Organic Farmers & Growers has welcomed the publication of the official logo and is now in the process of making all of its processor licensees aware of the symbol’s availability and requirements for use.