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EU on the march for GM

Date Published: 12/11/2008

A worrying piece from the Independent newspaper suggests that serious moves are underway in Europe to force genetically modified foods onto our plates. It’s quite incredible that politicians are so insistent on this when there is overwhelming evidence that people don’t want it. They are suspicious of GM and more and more information is emerging that if there are any benefits they are negligible and may be outweighed by the damage that is being done (see our previous posts on suicides among Indian farmers and the backlash by US consumers!).

Already farmers and food manufacturers are beginning to struggle to source raw materials that can be guaranteed GM free because this stuff contaminates everything, from container ships, to the lorries it is moved in. Of course this is no doubt what the biotech companies relish, because once GM is ubiquitous there’s no going back. How we might come to regret that!