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EU logo finalists unveiled

Date Published: 09/12/2009

So now we know what the compulsory EU organic logo could look like. But after all the (excruciating) build-up, it has to be said that the response here at the Old Estate Yard is one of being distinctly underwhelmed by the options.

We have three shortlisted finalists from a quite impressive 3422 entries. The trouble is, they all seem to be a bit dull and uninformative.

That’s not to be unkind to the artists who created them, who no doubt put in a lot of thought and effort, but this is a BIG thing for organics. Not only is it the introduction of a compulsory logo for the first time, but it should be an opportunity to strike a chord with consumers and create something that is instantly recognisable and understood as organic. We don’t really think any of the three chosen by the judges are going to achieve that.

What do you think?

These are your choices for the EU organic logo. So which will it be???
These are your choices for the EU organic logo. So which will it be???

Even if you’re thinking “my five-year-old could have come up with something more exciting”, these are the options we’ve got. So, which will you vote for? It’s open to every EU citizen (though how they can rule out mischievous votes from beyond the Euro borders is hard to say…).

There is, I think, a clear favourite in our office, but everyone needs to cast their vote before the end of January, which you can do here:

Choose wisely…

[For details on the new labeling regulations, take a look at this page on our website. You can also follow some more of our thinking on the topic in this piece by Jess Halliday, at]