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Dreaming of EU logo confirmation

Date Published: 25/03/2010

It was a good few weeks ago that we heard the winning entrant in the competition to choose an EU organic food logo had been chosen (the beginning of February, in actual fact).

This logo is, by regulation, due to begin appearing on new organic products from July. That’s right, July this year.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official copy of the logo or finalised details of how it must be used on packaging.

This may not sound like a huge problem in March – unless you produce organic food products. If you do, you’ll probably be one of thousands of people who are pulling their hair out because their product managers, printers, logistics people, customers, you name it, are screaming at them for finished labels and product lead times and countless other crucial bits of information needed to actually put the product on the shelves by July.

The logo is needed now. Probably six weeks ago in fact. Our harassed Processor Certification Officers have been badgering those in power on an almost daily basis to squeeze the crucial details out of them, because our licensees need to get on with business.

We’ve been told we should have the information by the end of March, latest. So, by our reckoning, that’s a maximum of six days to wait now. We’re on countdown. And, boy, will there be some screaming in this office if by 5pm on March 31 we’re none-the-wiser……..