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Don’t just bin it – compost bin it

Date Published: 14/03/2008

We’re very excited at OF&G towers (eh?) about the launch of our snazzy new compostable carriers.

These are bags made from corn starch (corn grown on otherwise unproductive land!) which will start breaking down in a matter of weeks when composted. They’ll also disintegrate within a matter of months if released into the environment – unlike traditional plastic that takes hundreds of years.

After a lot of investigation into pros and cons by our unstoppable research officer, Stephen Jacobs, the bags we can now offer are a much better alternative to the traditional plastic carrier – and a type of bag that’s even an improvement on our previous degradable bags (which were a small step in the right direction).

We do accept that these are still not a perfect solution – is there one? Like anything, they will struggle to break down in landfill, but if they serve to encourage more homeowners to fill them with peelings and apple cores and drop them in the compost bin, we’ll be achieving a lot.

Don’t just take our word for it though. The news of the launch is being embraced by a number of publishers. Take a look, for example, at Natural Products or or read our own news release here.

The bags are available to anyone, not just licensees, so if you want to get your hands on some, follow this link