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“Does my bum look big in this?”

Date Published: 07/12/2011

Overalls. Not the most flattering of attire at the best of times, but they’re there to do a job and they are a mainstay of the farming world.

However one of our licensee’s was unfortunate enough today to have our Certification Manager, Steve Clarkson, walking behind him toting a camera-equipped smartphone when the elements conspired against him to create what could, perhaps, best be described as the ‘Sumo Farmer Effect’…


OF&G licensee, Andrew Bebb, in not his most flattering pose.

And, yes, we’re going to name him.

It was none other than Andrew Bebb, of Hall Farm, Hanwood, near Shrewsbury. We’re hoping that Andrew doesn’t have body image issues that will send him running for the full length mirror, just to be sure this isn’t a real representation of his rear end in overalls. We can confirm he is, typically of his ilk, as fit as the proverbial butchers dog.

We would like to thank him for being game for a laugh though!