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Court win in pesticides case

Date Published: 03/12/2008

You have to wonder what ramifications could flow from the Georgina Downs win in the High Court over pesticide spraying.

From a professional point of view OF&G is not anti non-organic farming, rather, we’re pro organic and into supporting and expanding a form of farming and food production we believe in. When all is said and done UK farmers, of whatever kind, are hard working and running highly regulated businesses to possibly the toughest standards in the world.

That said, would you prefer to live in a house where chemicals you had no idea about came drifting over the fence at various times of year or one where you knew the surrounding land was being managed without the need to employ such potentially harsh elements?

Most people would probably come down on the side of caution, given the choice, even if they happily ate the produce that came from non-organic farms. So should we be given the choice? Should we be notified when a farmer is going to spray a neighbouring field? And what would we do with that information?

It’s a can of worms (for want of a better phrase) but fortunately not one that organic farmers are in the position of having to try and keep the lid on!