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Consultation on GM crops co-existence – act now!

Date Published: 25/07/2006

Defra has launched a consultation exercise to gather feedback on proposed measures to allow GM and non-GM crops to co-exist.

Anyone with a vested interest in the matter, which includes all organic farmers and growers, is invited to submit a response.

OF&G would urge all licensees to take part in this exercise in order to make clear to the Government the measures they feel would be crucial to keeping GM contamination away from organic farms.

It is OF&Gs’ view that allowing the growing of GM crops in the UK could be the biggest threat yet to our expanding sector of the industry and that any measures aimed at maintaining separation must be robust – as must any compensation arrangements for farms affected by GM.

The consultation document, and related information, can be downloaded directly fromĀ this page on the Defra website.

OF&G will be submitting its own response to the consultation and urges all licensees, and anyone who cares about organic food and farming, to do the same.