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As a Farmer/Grower why should I become certified?

Date Published: 21/12/2015

The labelling and marketing of organic food and feed products is controlled by EC Regulation’s (EC) No. 834/2007 and (EC) No. 889/2008. Any person or organisation intending to produce or process organic products must be subject to an inspection and certification procedure by an approved Control Body. Anyone contravening these Regulations could be subject to prosecution by Trading Standards.

The following operations must be subject to the inspection and certification process:

  • Farm production, including arable and horticultural crops, and livestock intended for human consumption;
  • Processing involving food preparation, prepacking and storage. This includes on-farm processing such as dairy products, meat cutting, etc.;
  • Organic products imported from countries outside the European Union, known as third countries;
  • Animal feeds production;
  • The re-labelling of products at any stage of the distribution chain.