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Law Fertilisers

Law Fertilisers, OF&G licensee | Organic Certification

Location: March, Cambridgeshire

Enterprises/Activities: Fertiliser manufacturer and associated services

Law Fertilisers Ltd was founded in 1985 by Managing Director Mark Law who has since been on a mission to promote his business which he feels offers a superior product and service in the organic fertiliser market.
Being one of the last few remaining British owned fertiliser manufacturers we are very passionate about our organic fertiliser business here at Law Fertilisers Ltd, having been in the industry for over 25 years.

In this time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to provide the technical support needed in order to ensure farmers are getting the best out of their crops. In addition to our expertise we also provide practical solutions for farmers including mixing the right blends of organic fertilisers to meet crop requirements as well as using our spreaders to apply the fertiliers if required, therfore cutting out the middle man.

From our manufacturing base in Cambridgeshire we have developed a unique range of inputs that replace conventional ones in efficiency but comply with the strictest organic certification codes. The products are not only consistent and effective but also natural and safe to both the operator, the environment as well as the food being grown. Furthermore we strive to ensure our products are always manufactured in a safe and sustainable manner.
Here at Law Fertilisers we believe in the organic philosophy of farming in harmony with the environment which is why we have developed our products to support existing fertility building and crop protection systems. In addition, full independent laboratory support provides an analysis of soils or plant tissue for a sustainable and effective site specific use of nutrients.

Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers and the Soil Association, our range of organic fertilisers includes both foliar and granulated formulations. With respect to our granulated formulations, each granule has a specific concentration and can be blended with other nutrients to suit plant, soil or livestock requirements. The natural components of these fertilisers are more readily available and more easily taken up by the plant than synthetic equivalents, whilst the slower release reduces leaching and matches crop requirements.

By using our natural plant-based fertiliers, soil fertility can be improved in a sustainable way and crops allowed to respond by improving yields and quality.

All Law Fertilisers products are:

  • Made at our Cambridgeshire factory
  • Plant based
  • Fully approved for use in organic farming
  • Readily available for plant uptake
  • Easily applied with spreaders/sprayers
  • Supported by advice based on 27 years experience

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