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Ilex Envirosciences ltd

Ilex Envirosciences ltd, OF&G licensee | Organic Certification

Location: Lincoln

Enterprises/Activities: Founded in 2006 by Managing Director Murray Smedley and several other like-minded colleagues, Ilex EnviroSciences is a young and rapidly growing business that has developed a unique range of fertilisers and soil improvers designed to help the organic grower address a wide range of nutrient deficiencies and boost growth in poor or stressed crops.

Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers and the Soil Association, the range includes both liquid and pelleted formulations.

The team at Ilex believe that by maintaining regular communication with certifying bodies in the UK and throughout Europe they are able to ensure that both their products and the advice that they give to growers on their use are compliant with the latest regulations governing organic growing. By way of example, Ilex EnviroSciences was one of the first to highlight potential problems with fertilisers containing raffinate, an extract from the sugar-beet industry, and to assist the Soil Association on a technical level to identify this source of clopyralid contamination. Consequently, Ilex is able to advise its customers that since 2009 all of its certified liquid fertilisers are raffinate free.

In addition to the range of inputs, Ilex was the first UK company to introduce fully degradable mulching films to organic growers. To ensure that such films had application to UK crops and growing conditions extensive trials were carried with several crop types across a variety of UK soils and climate conditions. Happily, Bio-Film is now a major part of the product offer and has recently been certified by Organic Farmers & Grower for use in organic growing systems. As it is made from European grown, non-GM plant starch and is compliant with EN13432 under the European Directive as a fully bio-degradable, compostable and residue-free mulching film it is proving to be a great success.

The company has a very simple philosophy and to quote Murray: “We believe the long term future of crop production in the UK will favour those growers who pursue a policy of producing the best quality food in the most environmentally sustainable manner and to support these growers, Ilex EnviroSciences is committed to the development and introduction of new and innovative products.”

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Tel: 01673 885175

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Address: North Hangar, Wickenby Airfield, Lincoln LN3 5AX