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HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic, OF&G licensee | Organic Certification

The HiPP Organic Story

HiPP Organic began in 1956 when Georg HiPP converted the family farm into one of the first organic farms in Europe.

While others were developing more intensive methods of farming, Georg stuck to his beliefs of wanting the very best food for babies. This meant growing the finest organic ingredients to make good, tasty food which would help babies to grow healthily and happily.

HiPP are passionate about delicious, nutritious ingredients which will help little ones to learn to love good food. The HiPP Organic range includes something for everyone; from jars to squeezy pouches, baby milks, juices, finger foods, snacks, fruit pots, dried cereals and tray meals. These are all made with the best ingredients, picked and gently steam cooked to seal in flavour.

The company’s commitment to quality involves choosing farms which are away from major roads and industry, and even considering wind direction to avoid air pollution.

Ladybirds and hedgehogs are used as natural methods of pest control, and weeds are pulled out by hand. All fruits, vegetables and cereals are grown naturally with no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers used. Tried and trusted local farmers are used, meaning that every ingredient can be traced back to the field it came from.

The HiPP quality control procedure is second to none, utilising the best of technology and human expertise, with standards exceeding what is required by EU and organic legislation.

The same principles which inspired Georg HiPP are those which remain at the heart of everything which HiPP Organic does to this day.

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