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EnviroSystems (UK) Ltd

EnviroSystems, OF&G licensee | Organic Certification

Owner: Liz Russell

Location: Barton Cross Park, Barton, Preston, Lancashire


Greenlands Nutrition Ltd and EnviroSystems (UK) Ltd were founded by Liz Russell almost 20 years ago to introduce the innovative products EnviroBed, Optimize and SlurryBugs to the agricultural market.

Greenlands Nutrition was established in 1996 with the innovation of the biological silage additive ‘Optimize’. The Optimize range has been developed with unique bacteria and enzyme combinations which stabilise and drive energy from grass silage, wheat, legumes, maize, barley, whole crop and Italian Rye Grass.

Meanwhile, EnviroSystems was formed to develop and market ‘EnviroBed’ a unique and innovative dairy cow bedding material which is highly absorbent and keeps cows clean and healthy. The dairy industry welcomed this practical new product and now tens of thousands of dairy cows are bedded on EnviroBed throughout the UK.

EnviroSystems continues to work closely with paper mills to ensure that the most suitable paper fibre is sourced at all times allowing EnviroBed to be consistent, exceptionally absorbent and available all year round. Care is taken to source material of certain moisture and fibre content ensuring all the material is organic.

This was followed by the invention of ‘SlurryBugs’ slurry inoculant – which soon became a UK market leader– helping farmers to improve manure handling, reduce foul odour from stored slurry and maximise manure nutrient retention in organic forms.

EnviroSystems, OF&G licensee | Organic CertificationAwards won by EnviroSystems

EnviroSystems has been awarded recognition for innovation and environmental impact, including the prestigious ‘Queens Award for Enterprise’ in the Innovation category and the Green Apple Award for Services to the Environment.

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Tel: 01772 860085

EnviroSystems is an Approved Inputs licensee of OF&G, meaning that certain products are pre-approved for use in organic systems. Click here for more information and to view all Approved Inputs licensees.