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Cotteswold Dairy, George Workman

Cotteswold Dairy

Cotteswold Dairy
Managing Director: George Workman
Location: Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Cotteswold Dairy was set up in 1938 by Harry Workman, when it was just a 30-gallon milk round. Now the business is managed by Harry’s grandson George and employs over 300 staff. They have sold organic milk since 1999, when they became the first dairy in the country to supply organic milk in returnable glass bottles.

Benefits of work with OF&G:
“We have been with OF&G for many years and are very satisfied with the service they provide. When we started selling organic milk in 1999, the first organic farm we took on was certified by OF&G and they came highly recommended.

“We’ve always found OF&G to be fair, practical and helpful. They have been approachable and supportive, giving guidance when required. We’ve had no problems at all.”

What is the certification process like?
“We have an inspection every year when an audit is carried out of our site and processes. This year we are combining our OF&G audit with our BRC accreditation audit and OF&G have been very accommodating with that, to avoid duplication of work.”

Why get certified?
“It’s about us making a statement and commitment to organic. We want our customers to know that when they buy our organic milk it meets the requirements and standards as set out by OF&G. It’s a sign of quality and a reassurance that people can trust that the product they are buying has been produced to the highest organic standards.

“I’d recommend that businesses do offer organic, so that customers have that choice, I think that’s really important. People think that certification is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We’d definitely recommend OF&G, we’ve been with them for nearly 20 years and they have really been fantastic to work with.”

Tel: 01684 298959
Address: Dairy Way, Northway Lane, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JE