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Beans And Herbs

Beans and Herbs, OF&G licensee | Organic Certification

Owner: Pippa Rosen

Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

Enterprises/Activities: Selling organic seed to a nationwide customer base via mail order from the catalogue or website.

History/background: I run a private herb nursery. For 18 years I have been growing a very wide variety of culinary, aromatic and medicinal herbs.

I am committed to safe and sustainable methods of growing for my whole business, herbs and vegetables. I have an interest in the health benefits of including these in the daily diet, and in the use of herbs for healing.

As herb-growing is a spring and summer occupation, I decided to develop the organic seed side of my business to cover also the winter months. The seed I sell has not been gene-modified in any way. It is not hybrid seed, and has been open-pollinated. It has not been given a chemical treatment in the packet and is therefore safe to handle.

By buying seed from a Certified Organic producer, like ourselves, means that buyers are supporting a totally organic system of growing. This system is harmless to the soil and environment, promotes diversity of wildlife, and ensures the health of the land for the future.

Website: (opens in a new window)
Tel: 01985 844442
Address: The Herbary, 161 Chapel Street, Horningsham, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7LU