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Cadbury seeks to cut cow burps, etc

Date Published: 18/02/2009

Cadbury aims to beat the burpsSomething many people don’t consider when we hear of major companies trying to cut their emissions is quite how far they have to go. It’s a complex business and there are not many easy answers. It’s not, unfortunately, as simple as removing an unecessary layer of packaging, although that’s a good place to start.

So spare a thought for the UK’s favourite choccy maker, Cadbury, which is leaving no avenue or digestive tract unexplored in the quest to reduce its carbon footprint.

Cows produce milk, of course, which Cadbury needs in vast quantities. But they also produce methane in, frankly, quite vast quantities. So what to do?

Here’s a piece on how the Dairy Milk behemoth is going about it, and here’s the news in Cadbury’s own words.