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Brazilian non-GM producers pool resources

Date Published: 21/08/2008

A new group has been formed in Brazil to promote non-GM grain production, as well as to collectively invest in the development of non-GM breeds. Not speaking Spanish Portuguese (thanks for pointing that out, Nicola!) very well, it’s been hard to find any links to them on the web, but here’s their news release, with a phone number at the end if you’re interested. Good luck to them!


Iguazu Falls, 14th August 2008. It was officially launched and constituted the Brazilian Association for the Producers of Non Genetically Modified Grains (ABRANGE), congregating grains and seeds producers, cooperatives, crushing industries, transport and warehousing companies, certification companies as well as research laboratories and others. The entity is launched aiming to encourage the plantation, production development and processing of non GM grains in Brazil, says the recently elected President Mr. Borges de Sousa of Caramuru Alimentos.

The new board of directors is also formed the Executive Vice President – Paul Perk, from AMaggi; Vice President for International Affairs – Enrique Traver, from Imcopa; Vice President for South Region Frederico Busato, from Imcopa; Vice President for South East and Northeast Regions Guilherme Define, from Brejeiro; and Vice President for Middle West and North RegionsĀ  – Otaviano Piveta, from Vanguarda.

One of the most important action strategies is to promote iniciatives focusing the increase of consumption as well as to develop and improve the quality of Non-GMO products. Also, to enhance its sustainability in terms of production and environment along with social responsibility and to inform the customers about the regular and consistent supply of the Brazilian Non-GMO grains and it derivatives.

Moreover, ABRANGE is articulating the creation of a reference consulting centre for new demands for national and international clients, as well as promoting the necessity of the certification of all production and supply chain connections, informs the Executive secretary Mr Tatesuzi de Sousa.

For more information:
Ricardo Tatesuzi de Sousa
Executive Secretary

+55 (11) 7666-3739