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Biogas jumping up the power agenda

Date Published: 04/02/2009

Great news that the National Grid is getting squarely behind biogas generation – and has told the Government so.

Putting our food and other waste into energy production seems such good common sense. There are farms with anaerobic digesters on them now, as well as the big industrial-scale plants that can take huge volumes of waste. From this process comes nothing but useful bi-product, including safe fertilisers and gas that can go into the grid.

We’re big fans of this at OF&G, particularly since we got a closer look while carrying out a recent project to help WRAP and REA develop an inspection regime for the certification of AD installations.

And it’s great news also that the supermarkets and big brand names are taking this seriously too. Many of them have made commitments to reduce waste and packaging and AD can, and no doubt will, play a big part in this. Marks & Spencer has been somewhat more than dabbling in getting part of its energy from biogas and now Sainsbury’s is taking big strides in this direction* with a project involving 28 of its stores in Scotland.

This one’s going to run. The fact that many farms can afford AD units, and that the technology is improving all the time, means we should only see it spread. We’d advise everyone to keep an eye out for new business opportunities that also come with excellent green credentials!

* A good time to say ‘hello’ to the newly announced English version of the Italian website!