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BBC programme fails to grasp organics

Date Published: 27/02/2008

An edition of BBC2’s Horizon programme claimed there was little scientific evidence of the benefits of organic food, despite a growing body of evidence to the contrary.

We at Organic Farmers & Growers were all set to spell out why we thought the BBC programme had missed the point and glossed over the facts.

However, our friends at Garden Organic have done a very good job of this already, so we commend you to read their rebuttle of the film.

In its own news item Garden Organic said: “The UK’s leading authority on organic growing, Garden Organic, is disputing claims made yesterday, Tuesday 26 February, on BBC 2’s Horizon programme, ‘Professor Regan’s Supermarket Secrets’ that there is little scientific evidence of organically produced food having any nutritional differences or benefits compared to non-organic food.

The Midlands based charity, celebrating 50 years at the forefront of organic horticulture this year, also criticises the programme for disregarding the massive environmental benefits that organic methods bring.”

Click here to read the full Garden Organic response.