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Back to basics for college

Date Published: 15/08/2007

It’s been a couple of weeks where you find yourself considering what’s really appropriate to write in a fairly lighthearted forum such as this blog. Most people in and around farming probably haven’t felt very lighthearted (better note that I’m referring to the Surrey FMD outbreak so that it makes sense if anyone looks at this in the distant future!).

So on that note I’ll stick to a bit of tale telling that might amuse a few:

Guesses welcome on which well-known agricultural college was responsible for a herd of stampeding heifers through a quiet village on Wednesday (yes, movement ban still in place). It seems they’d been moved to the adjacent yard from the field for a visit from the vet but the apparent lack of a qualified farm gate security technician (you can see what I’ve done there..) led to chaos.

It was with some surprise that householders gazed out of their windows to see about a dozen of the beasts chewing on their hedges while the rest took off hell-for-leather down the lane – in the direction of a busy B road.

Local info has it that the end result was a call to the police to stop the traffic while the round-up took place.

What can you say, apart from “whoops” and perhaps “I want my hedge back!”.