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Following Brexit, what assurances are there for the UK organic sector?

Date Published: 30/03/2017


As Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, OF&G chief executive Roger Kerr said food and farming could not be ignored in Brexit negotiations.

And he said that organic – as one of the fastest-growing sectors in British food and farming – had to have guarantees that its needs would be properly recognised.

“Over 50% of shoppers buy organic products each year in a market worth £2billion in this country,” Mr Kerr said.

“This is an important market to retailers and consumers and it is important that Defra remains committed to organic production and to helping organic businesses thrive.”

While officially giving notice to leave the EU marked the start to two years of potentially challenging Brexit negotiations, there would be opportunities to make improvements provided Defra was prepared to listen to the industry.

“The UK’s withdrawal must not lead to any weakening of the role organic plays in providing high quality, nutritious and sustainable food supplies,” he added.

“We need stable and ambitious food and farming policies that help support farmers, growers and processors, and provide opportunities that benefit the food sector, the economy, the environment and society as a whole.”

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OF&G is working hard with food and farming organisations and policy makers as part of our continued efforts to unite the organic sector’s voice ahead of Brexit negotiations.

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