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Are we staying competitive?

Date Published: 30/12/2008

Okay, so it’s rapidly approaching the last day of 2008 (how did that happen so fast?) and I’m doing the obligatory clean-out of my email inbox, ready for the New Year.

It’s at this point I find all the interesting things that slid down the list away from me simply because they didn’t demand immediate attention. One such came from my colleague, Steven Jacobs (OF&G Development Offficer), and I think it’s worthy of flagging up here out of interest, even though it’s now about three months old.

So, to the point. It’s a piece from the Channel 4 website comparing the cost of organic versus non-organic food for the same recipe over the course of a year. What it clearly shows is the price differential reducing significantly. While the organic recipe remains the more expensive (though we would say this is simply the real price of food!), it’s fascinating to see the gap narrowing. Your thoughts on the various factors influencing this would be welcome in the comments.

Of course that was back in September and a lot has happened since then, economically speaking, so it could well be different now. It’ll be fascinating to see if C4 continue with this exercise as a neat little barometer of how the landscape may be changing.