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Arable company members to get bonus payout

Date Published: 23/11/2011

A loyalty bonus of up to £900 per member has been unveiled by grain marketing business, Organic Arable.

The farmer-owned company revealed its plans to make the payments this week.

The amounts shared will be based on the tonnage sold by each member through the business in the last year.

Organic Arable currently has 63 members and deals entirely in UK-grown organic grains and pulses.

Managing director of Organic Arable, Andrew Trump, said: “We are delighted to be able to make these bonus payments. Our whole business focus is to do the right thing for our members and long term customers. We keep our costs to a minimum and all surpluses go back into the operation to generate further benefits for the members.”

The company’s chairman, Suffolk arable farmer, John Pawsey, who is an Organic Farmers & Growers licensee, explained that all members would benefit to some degree from the bonus, whether they held large or small acreages.

He added: “We have a different philosophy to those who put their own interests above the UK organic farmers and sector. We are about investing in the sector, supporting producers and building long term relationships with our customer, we are innovative, transparent, believe in the viability of the UK organic sector and are bullish about the future.”

OF&G chief executive, Richard Jacobs, applauded the announcement by Organic Arable.

He said: “This move demonstrates perfectly the fact that farmer-owned collaborative businesses are a very healthy thing. The people who stand to benefit from its success are the farmers themselves. Whether such bonus payments are significant or modest, they are going into the hands of the people who did the hard work.

“It’s a model that could be more widely employed in the food chain generally and one that we believe other forward-thinking, motivated organic producers are particularly well-equipped to emulate, given the right opportunities.”