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Enhance Organic Stimulant

Status: Approved for restricted use - approval required

Type: Plant Health Products

The world first systematic organic stimulant-chain reaction agent, when combined with GPL-37 agent, it was 39%to 52% uptake, which was amazing.

Enhance Organic Stimulant – Why is 1+1≠2?
Enhance Organic Stimulant is a single nutrient with multiple effects. (1+1≠2)
Most fertilizers aid nutrient uptake between 3% and 15%. However, when combined with
Enhance Organic Stimulant nutrient uptake increased to between 39% and 52%.
Systemic Efficacy; Enhance Organic Stimulant is capable of providing a number of effects on any part of the crop including chain reactions and transferring elements. These characteristics aid rooting, budding, blooming, fruit keeping, enlarging, sweetening and better colouring of the crop. It can also be used to stunt fresh shoots and to avoid the overgrowth of vine, jatropha, pistachio, macadamia etc. and can increase branch emergence from earlier node. As a result there is no need to continually prune which can save labour. Frequent application of Enhance Organic Stimulant could therefore be worthwhile for your crop.