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Status: Approved for use in organic systems

Type: Bedding materials

easicattle image


easicattle is a reduced dust wood fibre bedding designed specifically for dairy cattle, which has been treated with a patented organic additive.

Tests have shown that over a period of time cows on easicattle remain cleaner and stay healthier, helping reduce their likelihood of infection.

easicattle is made from recycled wood which undergoes a stringent cleaning and production process to produce a clean, safe bedding for your cattle to bed down on.

easicattle is…

  • Free from aspergillus sp, salmonella sp and e.coli*
  • Consistent in quality
  • Works on all bedding systems
  • Works with slurry and slat systems

*Using standard laboratory tests with a limit of detection of 20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus), 10 organisms/gram (enterobacteria) and 1 viable organism/25 g (Salmonella).