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Another tractor jumper surfaces!

Date Published: 25/02/2010

This is very exciting! Having sent out many, many copies of the Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern to the enthusiastic knitters who have requested it, we’ve finally had an example of the finished product sent back in!!!

Tracy Williams was good enough to let us see this marvellous creation, which is her mum’s handiwork:

Farmers Weekly tractor jumper
The Farmers Weekly tractor jumper. Sent in by Tracy Williams. Knitted by her mum!

Connoisseurs of this particular pattern will note the addition of the hood. A very nifty touch that has impressed us and, given the current weather trend, will be most welcome to Tracy’s son when he’s sporting this very special garment.

Our thanks to Tracy for sharing. We can think of at least a couple of friends at FW Towers who are also going to be thrilled to see this…

PS – you still have just a handful of days to try and win our own tractor jumper. Just go here and read the entry rules. Go on, you know you want to….

PPS – thanks to all of you who have already donated!