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And the winner is…

Date Published: 04/11/2009

The winner! By Katie Owens
Champion pumpkin by Katie Owens

Judges comments:

An instant winner when the photo landed in the judges’ inbox, the top pumpkin drew admiring oohs and ahhs from other FW journalists who were hanging around Caroline’s desk trying to pilfer her box of walnut whips.

Traditional in design but expertly executed, the winning pumpkin would definitely frighten the judges on a dark night (admittedly, this isn’t a great claim seeing as Caroline is scared of wool and Isabel is scared of cows).

Honourable mention….

The bats. Nice design, lovely placing of the bats and excellent carving.

So, congratulations to Katie and well done to the rest who put up a very strong fight. And with that, I think we’ve had quite enough about pumpkins. Back to normal service…