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An award could be your reward

Date Published: 18/06/2014

It’s easy to be cynical and dismiss awards as fluff and self promotion, but the flip side of that is a wonderful feeling of achievement when your efforts are recognised. If you’ve been nominated by someone who felt moved to do so of their own volition, it’s a humbling experience but even more satisfying.

Of course if you manage to bag a title for one category or another you will forever be able to preface things with ‘award winning farm/er’. That alone, in marketing terms, has real value.

The point of this little lecture is to highlight the opening of nominations for the Farmers Guardian-backed British Farming Awards. You can enter yourself or put forward someone you consider deserving of an accolade. The categories recognise the challenges and evolution of modern farming, with a particular focus on rewarding innovation.

Well, there’s plenty of innovation going on in organic farming; that’s somewhat the nature of the beast. From what we know of the efforts and initiatives our licensees are undertaking, there have to be a few possibilities for gongs.

So, why not give it a shot? You can enter quickly and easily online and it could be the best few minutes you spend on promoting yourself and your business this year.