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Alex shoots into the lead

Date Published: 03/06/2009

Rivalry is growing in the OF&G offices as obsessive sunflower measuring becomes the order of the day.

Apparently it’s upstart new boy, producer CO Alex Patchett, leading the competition to produce the tallest helianthus annuus (don’t you just love Wikipedia?!). Alex has achieved a whopping 28cm. It’s a far cry from his widely ridiculed poor start.

Prize for the most useless effort so far also resides in the producer certification office, as Nicola Mason’s attempt was dealt a devastating blow in an unfortunate encounter with a bunny. There will be, we are told, no coming back from that!

After making all the noise in the early running with their gaudily decorated pots, the processor department ladies obviously aren’t doing enough talking to their delicate charges and have been left behind.

So here, in all its glory, is Alex’s whopping, strapping, field-leading sunflower. Don’t get too excited.

The (currently) leading sunflower