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Alert to industry over EU logo use

Date Published: 06/05/2010

New EU organic labeling rules may not be widely enough understood by the industry, a leading organic body has warned.

The new EU organic logo
The new EU organic logo

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) is concerned that regulation changes which introduce a new compulsory EU organic logo in July are not being promoted heavily enough among organic manufacturers and food producers.

In addition, a steady stream of changes and clarifications to the new rules have led to a degree of confusion about their implementation.

In a bid to tackle the issue OF&G has produced a definitive guide to the new regulation which is available to everyone in the sector.

The company has published a clear and full explanation of the new labeling regulations, including how the new logo should be used, along with the mandatory text around it.

The company’s Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, explained: “The introduction of the new labeling regulation, including a new, compulsory logo, has been something of a tortuous process. Requirements have been changed a few times and our processing certification team have been putting pressure on various official bodies on a daily basis to get clarification.

“We now have what should be the final information and time is very tight for organic processors to implement the regulations with regard to their packaging for new products that will hit the shelves from July.

“There has been a degree of confusion around this whole process and we have seen incorrect information given out by other organisations, so we’ve worked hard to pin down the definitive details. We even had to get the EU to correct information on its own website at one stage!”

Mr Jacobs stressed that anyone who still had questions after reading the guidelines should contact their control body as soon as possible to ensure that current and future products would comply with the regulations.

He added: “The new EU organic logo seems to be arriving without any great fanfare from the EU to educate people about why they should implement it. Time is running out and we have to spread the word now!”