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The Team

OF&G organic certification team understand business and what it’s like to operate in the organic sector.

Our staff have significant experience of working with different enterprises, and over many years of working for OF&G have built up extensive knowledge of each sector and how businesses operate.

Our team is drawn from a variety of industry sectors, including farming, food production, composting, and anaerobic digestion, meaning we understand the challenges you face, the questions you may have, and how to talk your language.

The company, based just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, provides services in organic, compost and anaerobic digestion certification across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Our Team Members

Office Administrator

Jackie Pugh

01939 291800 Ext:221

Senior Producer Certification Officers

Jenny Bibb

01939 292005

Emma Jones

01939 292003

Roy Lawford

01939 292008

Processor Certification Officers

Jon Pryce

01939 291800 ext:239

Dawn Carter

01939 292007

Olivia Hollinshead

01939 292001

Producer Certification Officers

Alice Keenan

01939 291800 ext:234

Laura Rowland

01939 292006

Kat Rohts

01939 291800 Ext:227

Barbara Pennington

01939 292004

Business Development Manager

Steven Jacobs

01939 292009

Office Manager

Angela Norman

01939 291800 Ext:222

Quality Systems Supervisor

Andrew Withington

01939 291800 Ext:225

Quality Systems Administrators

Nic Maiden

01939 291800 Ext:237

Simon Evans

01939 291800 Ext:229

Lorraine Pickering

01939 291800 Ext:236

Certification and Compliance Manager

Stephen Clarkson

01939 292002

Chief Executive

Roger Kerr

01939 292000