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A veritable feast of feathered friends

Date Published: 21/01/2009

Obviously ‘feast’ in the non-capturing and eating sense!

Anyway, here’s the list of what’s been seen at Organic Farmers & Growers HQ (also known as The Old Estate Yard):

  1. Blue tit
  2. Great tit
  3. Chaffinch
  4. Robin
  5. House Sparrow
  6. Greater Spotted Woodpecker
  7. Nuthatch
  8. Crow
  9. Magpie
  10. Coal tit
  11. House Martin
  12. Swallow
  13. Pied Wagtail
  14. Blackbird
  15. Pheasant
  16. Dunnock
  17. Red Legged Partridge
  18. Starling
  19. Long tailed tit
  20. Collared Dove

A buzzard has also been seen in the vicinity, though unsurprisingly not dining from our facilities.

In a very responsible way, Certification Officer Katie Owens (who shall hence be known as ‘Twitcher-in-Chief’ – because she’s the one with the binoculars), has recorded the sightings on the British Trust for Ornithology Bird Atlas.

If any of our bird-related shenanigans today have whetted your appetite there’s a great way to get involved this weekend with the RSPBs’ annual Big Garden Birdwatch. And you can get even deeper into the action by following, and contributing to, the tweet-by-tweet account of the day from The Guardian.

Right; that’s enough about birdwatching for a while.