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A sprout is not just for Christmas

Date Published: 11/12/2008

When did the Brussels sprout become a Christmas only vegetable? I only ask because they only seem to be in vogue when talking about the big dinner on the big day.

In my weakened state yesterday as I wrestled with the nasty bug doing the rounds, I must have stumbled (only half ‘with it’, I confess) across three TV chefs showing us how to spice up the sprout for Christmas dinner. And just this morning I’ve put a radio producer in touch with one of our licensees because they’re doing a festive feature on sprouts and want some expert input.

This raises two points: 1) if we’re so keen on sprouts why do they only get discussed at Christmas? 2) why do the TV cooks feel that we have to dress them up with bits of bacon and the mango chutney I saw being shoved in with the creme fraiche? What’s wrong with just a good old sprout?

Maybe I’m getting overly exercised about this, but as someone who has to battle for the sprouts very existence in my house (wife = not keen, to say the least – but then she’s a Marmite lover…) I feel it my duty to keep up the fight for the sprouts inclusion as a regular, homegrown, member of the meat and three veg line-up on the plates of the nation. Anyone with me on this?