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A single voice for organics?

Date Published: 17/06/2009

Organic Trade Board logoThe Organic Trade Board has a key objective: to “double the value of the market for organic products in the UK within the five years from 2008 to 2013”.

If that can be achieved, we’ll all be cheering. And that’s not written with any degree of cynicism. A single voice for the industry, expounding the core messages of organics, is something that we’ve been missing and which is sorely needed. We’ve been talking to the OTB recently to find out more and we back its objectives. But for an initiative like this to work it needs a critical mass of members.

At the moment there are something north of 60, many of them very influential and important to the sector, but there are more than 7.000 organically registered businesses in the UK. We believe they could all benefit from having a representative voice and would urge everyone to take a closer look at the OTB and its work. And by all means let us know your thoughts here…