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A right Royal mess

Date Published: 04/07/2007

Another year and another Royal Show that was noted more for its downsides than any positive promotion of UK agriculture.

A sign of the times?It was wellies all round for those who wanted to get about and see a bit of what was on offer – until the plug was finally pulled a day early and everyone sent home.

We hear mumblings today (from those who might otherwise have been at Stoneleigh themselves) that the show still wasn’t what it once was, with big names missing – not to mention the crowds.

Wellies at the readyMany farming, food and related businesses will no doubt be mulling over whether to invest the time, money and energy in next year’s show, which could lead to a downward spiral which would be sad to see.

All that said, our certification officers were pleased to have the chance to meet with existing and potential licensees who are, all to often, just a voice on the telephone to them normally.

Today’s photo credit goes to Development Officer, Steven Jacobs.